Tube security officer showed off control centre as he flashed woman on dating site

A SECURITY officer in a control room on the frontline against potential terror attacks exposed himself on a dating site.

The emergency response manager logged on and claimed he was monitoring under-threat Tube stations.

The main claimed to be a security officer, and that his location was ‘top secret’

In a possible security breach, he also showed a woman what he claimed was a secret bunker filled with CCTV cameras trained on London Underground stations.

When the woman, who he chatted to live online, asked where he was, he replied: “That is in the centre of London, near Oxford Street.” He went on: “Yeah, er, I am a planning and response manager in London and it’s about the stations and stuff. It’s very secretive.”

Lifting his finger to his lips in a jokey gesture he added: “Shhhhh.”

Their chat on international dating site Skout could be viewed by other punters. But when the woman replied: “Really?” he was happy to elaborate on his job.

He also showed off the ‘bunker’ near Oxford Street filled with CCTV screens

The man, adopting the username BO’P (2), explained: “Well don’t tell anyone because I mean, it’s a top-secret office — so shhhhh — you can talk but just don’t tell anyone.” BO’P (2), wearing black-rimmed glasses, also exposed his manhood in another shot at his desk.

In a text chat with the woman, he said his name was Mike, from Bedford, and he is believed to work for Transport for London.

He was on a night-shift both times he was spotted on Skout on January 11 this year and December 30, 2017. Users from up to 180 countries worldwide have live chats which can be viewed by others.

Another user who spotted him said: “He was telling the woman how secret his job was but at the same time showing her the control room. I don’t think he realised anyone could have been watching him. He said he was watching platforms and monitoring phones, so what he is doing must be important. He span round so he had his back to the screens he was meant to be monitoring.

Attacks such as the bungled bombing of Parsons Green station mean security on the Underground is at an all-time high



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“It’s terrifying, especially when you consider that our terrorism threat level is still at severe.

“He should also be checking that passengers, like women on their own, are safe on platforms.”

Last night TfL said it had launched an urgent investigation.

A spokesman said: “We take the security of our network extremely seriously and safety is our primary concern. We are urgently investigating this footage.”

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