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It impossible to argue against the fact that online is the future. In 2018, the internet is a key part of every realm of our lives from work, leisure and even dating. Recent studies have shown that by 2031 over 50% of couples will have met online. Love has gone digital. But finding love online isn’t easy for all of us, and many of us can have trouble navigating the dos and don’ts of the digital dating world. So in this article, we’ll be giving you some key pointers for how to create the ultimate dating app profile. With advice on everything from pics to quotes, these are our top tips for finding love in the digital realm.

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Use a good quality picture

This tip may seem like a no-brainer but when making a profile you should use a nice, quality picture. Dating apps are flooded with badly taken and blurry pictures. This might be because many apps allow you to automatically download pictures from your Facebook profile. Many of us post without actually checking what those pictures are. Don’t let your first impression be a blurry club photo your friend tagged you in three years ago. You should be choosing nicely taken and well-lit pictures. In other words, pick nice, good-quality photos that actually allow potential matches to take a good look at you.

No group shots!

When picking a great picture for your profile, avoid group shots, at least for the first picture. While you may love posting pictures of you and your friends together, it actually makes it harder for your match to figure out who they are supposed to be looking at. You don’t want to add extra complications for potential matches so you should avoid confusion and bad first impressions by using a solo picture.


If you’re posting multiple pictures on your profile, don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. Multiple photos can allow you to display the full range of your personality. We are all multifaceted and your profile should reflect that. Don’t use club pics or picture perfect candid photos – use a mix! Club pictures, casual pictures, work pictures, birthday pictures, pictures of you and your nan. Of course, there’s never any shame in leaning into the cliche and adding a picture of you and a cute animal to your photo list!

Details, Details, Details!

Don’t be afraid to share all about yourself! The whole point of your profile is to help people get to know who you are. The more your profile says about you, the better, after all, it’s you that your selling! Hobbies, interests, everything from what you like to do on the weekends to your favourite show, are all great additions to a profile. You want to be honest about who you are so you can find a match that truly suits you and your personality.

Help them out

Another great thing about profiles is that they can help you dodge the awkward introductions that can often arise when talking to someone new. Try writing some ‘ins’ right into your profile so that your match has an easy conversation opener. There’s a couple of ways you can do this. You can highlight some clear interests that will give them a clear understanding of what to talk to you about. But if you like to be upfront, you can also just end your profile with a question for them to answer, when they message you.

Quotes are your friend

If you really can’t think of anything witty to say in your profile, then don’t be afraid to get inspiration from somewhere else. As T.S Elliot famously said, “great writers steal”. Try writing one of your favourite quotes into your bio. Depending on the source it can help you seem well read, but, only if you pick a reputable source. Even though they’re not exactly an original work, quotes also have the added benefit of shedding a little light on your personality. A good quote doesn’t just tell a match what works you admire but also a little something about your outlook on life.

Be honest about what you’re looking for

Don’t be afraid to be upfront about what it is your looking for. One of the advantages of dating apps is that with so many fellow members there are so many choices for a potential match. Apps like Badoo have around 350 million members worldwide! When on a dating app, you shouldn’t be settling because you feel you have limited options. Don’t be afraid to be a little picky when it comes to selecting a match. Take the time to find someone you really like, and really likes you in return.

Don’t go negative

You may be afraid of overselling yourself, but never ever go negative in your dating profile. Remember you’re supposed to be selling who you are, not putting yourself down. We can often be our own harshest critics, in fact, low self-esteem is unfortunately incredibly common. When writing a profile it can feel tempting to undercut oneself, that you can’t possibly live up to the image you’re selling, but you shouldn’t do this! Your worst qualities don’t define you and they certainly shouldn’t be making it into your profile.


This one may seem a little obvious but too many ignore this simple rule when it comes to profiles. Badly or misspelt words are not only annoying, but they also suggest a lack of interest on the part of the writer. Profiles are presentations and this is one way to make your presentation seem sloppy. This doesn’t mean you have to be completely formal, however. For example, emojis are a great and fun way to brighten up your profile. They can also capture something that words simply cannot!

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What did you think of these tips? Are there any you would try out on a dating profile? Are there any you think we missed? Let us know in the comment section.

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