The Dos and Don’ts of Good Dating Site Photos

The photos that you choose for your online dating profile hold a lot of power. Not only do they determine whether someone clicks on your profile to learn more about you and whether they’ll send you a message, but they also tell a story about who you are as a person.

Because of this, it’s important that you choose photos that are going to help your search; not hurt it.

Here are some DOs and DON’Ts that will help you choose the best photos for your profile.

1. DO Smile! If you’re trying to attract someone, it’s not likely to happen with a sullen, straight face. Those who view your profile are going to be much more attracted to you when you look happy and pleasant.

2. DO Focus on yourself. Make sure that you are the main focus in your photos. People are viewing your profile to learn more about you; not to see the sunset, your friends, or that awesome latte art from the cafe.

3. DO Show your personality. Don’t just upload a bunch of photos of your face. Choose photos that show who you really are and what you love doing. For example, if you’re a kayaker, have someone take photos of you in your boat; if you’re an artist, post photos that show you working on your next masterpiece.

1. DON’T Photoshop. It’s usually pretty obvious when someone uses photoshop to soften their skin, remove blemishes, look skinnier, or adjust the size of their eyes. This is a huge turn off and often leads people to wonder what else someone is hiding. Marriage is forever, so make sure that you’re being honest about who you are—including your looks.

2. DON’T Repeat the same pose. People want to see more than just your face. Include some medium and full-body shots as well. When you’re out and about, ask a friend or family member to take some photos of you so that you have some more natural poses.

3. DON’T Use professional photos. Portraits and modeling photos certainly look nice in a frame, but they’re too serious and planned to really show your personality on your dating site profile. Use photos that show you in your everyday look doing things that make you, you!

Deborah has worked in customer support for CatholicMatch since 2011 and because of this position, fell in love with all things “tech.” When she isn’t answering help tickets or testing new website features, she is likely to be found designing amateur Android apps, whitewater kayaking, or playing in the dirt with her 3 boys.

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