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Redtrack is the best affiliate marketing tracker available, if you are planning to make money with the adult niche you must use it. 

Here in this article, I am going to convince you of the enormous benefits of using it. If you are interested continue to read.  

If you started to read this blog you have probably figure out that is mainly based on dating, porn and how to make money online with adult nice.

The best and most efficient way to make money online is via paid advertisement and paid traffic. Some of the best adult traffic sources are these: 

Once you make an account there you will be able to pay for traffic and ads all over the web. The problem is that you will lose the click if you don’t use a tracker. 

There are many trackers online but after a lot of tries, I have figured that the best one is called redtrack.io.

You will have 50.000 events a month free to try and some crazy good features that you will not get with other trackers. 

What Is A Tracker? 

A tracker is a tool that will allow you to see everything that happens right after a user clicks on a link.

You will need to know what device, country, and many other things. You will be able then to optimize your paid campaigns with the traffic sources up there. 

There are many trackers available on the market, and some people don’t even use one. But with a free account with them, you will get 50.000 events a month

There are no reasons why you should not make an account now and try it. If you are planning to make big money with porn and dating using my methods, you need this tracker. 

How To Setup Redtrack On Crakrevenue

Having a tracker is not enough if you don’t have any offers to promote. Here I am going to give you the best CPA network you can work with adult offers

Create an account with crakrevenue now, and if you don’t know how to get approved and start to make money from tomorrow. Read my guide here ” how to get approved on crakrevenue adult CPA“. 

There are mainly two ways you can use this tracker to monitor your traffic:

Here in this video I am gonna show you how to configure it with crakrevenue tracking clicks coming from your site. 

The main steps are:

Redtrack.io Compared to Voluum and ADSBridge

Redtrack.io, Voluum, and ADSbridge are the most famous trackers, they are all pretty good but the last two very expensive. 

Voluum doesn’t even offer a trial version, and it is very bad for that. Also, there are fewer features and a bad customer service compared to Redtrack. 

If we are looking at the purpose of this software is not going to take long to figure out how much more we can do with redtrack

Let’s just take a look at the prices in these pictures.

The first one is redtrack with 50.000 events free a month. And 300.000 events a month for $29 or  $23.2 a month if you apply the promo code mpromo20 to this create a free account.

Adsbridge offers a trial version for $0 for 15 days. After that, you will set up all your trackers and spend the time to test and you will be forced to buy it. 

Voluum is a complete rip-off with not even a trial, customer support is the worst so don’t even bother in creating an account.

 The price of my favorite affiliate marketing tool is very low compared to the other marketing services. 

I really love the free option with 50.000 events and how is it is to use.

If you feel like you are paying to much for your tracker make an account now for free and if you will have to upgrade one day you can apply 20% discount with this promo code mpromo20

In conclusions, redtrack.io is way beyond any other tracker and affiliate marketing trackers.

It is 100% free to join and if 50.000 events a month are not enough then you can consider upgrading to a paid version where you will get a ton of events a month. 

It is awesome and easy to use, some features that are on this tracker are not on the most famous ones.  With promo code mpromo20 you will get on top of that, 20% off just in case you will need to upgrade one day.

The customer support is one of the best and everyone will help you if you need too. I really love this tracker and if you are thinking about making big money online with affiliate marketing is a must have it. 

I am happy to review this awesome tracker as the best one on the market and it is an amazing and cheaper alternative to Voluum.  

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