Millennials spend a lot of time swiping for love on dating apps, new research finds

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Millennials are spending a lot of time looking for love on dating apps, according to new research.

Badoo.com found that millennials spend 10 hours a week swiping for that special someone, as reported in The Independent. The research showed that men spend about 6 minutes more than women on dating apps, averaging 85 minutes a day.

The study didn’t indicate why but millennials that FOX 4 spoke with said they’re on sites like Tinder and Bumble because they’re bored. Others said the fear of rejection isn’t as bad online.

“I think we’re just so wrapped up in apps (in general) that it’s the only way we feel like we know how to meet people,” 23-year-old Alyssa Allen said.

“I think it’s a fear of rejection and, if it’s online, it’s not as bad,” 19-year-old Sarah Herzberg added.

Deborah B. Smith, a sociology professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, said millennials spending more time on dating apps makes sense.

“We’re not spending as much time in social civic events,” Smith said. “So we have to come up with a way for us to meet people in the way we’re living our lives, and that’s online.”

She said there are negative and positives to the trend.

“The non-physicality of it does give you a level of safety and a level of comfort because you’re not worried about being rejected,” she said, “but, on the other hand, you don’t know who you’re really getting involved with, and it can become an addiction.”

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