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International dating agencies are full of doo-doo

A reader writes in to ask about “DA.net”

What exactly is it that you provide? Advice on how to date women in a foreign country if you happen to be traveling there once, once in awhile or are you helping guys meet someone for a long term relationship like some of the international marriage agencies claim to do? Personally I think the term international marriage agency is misleading at best. I’ve been on a couple of them and talked with two people. One of which is a pretty successful model and the other is a more famous singer / model. I had no idea until I did some research on who I was supposedly talking to. My only advice there is if they can’t talk via web cam, run.

I thought this was an excellent question. It’s definitely worth expanding on a bit.

After giving it some thought, I think this is the best way to sum it up:

I’m in the business of giving guys options.

For the young guns, I think the advice about how to travel on a temporary basis and have some good fun is good.

In addition, I’d say my business advice is pretty on point as well. This is the time of your life you should be taking risk! Build something that can have everlasting benefit for you.

For the older cats, I understand settling down, hence why I go into a lot of detail about actual expat life and what the long term relationships with foreign girls are really like.

I’m definitely not an international marriage agency, and I think they’re full of shit.

At the same time though, I guess they sort of serve a purpose. If you’re getting to really late stages in life, where you need to be thinking family now, it makes sense to just cut to the chase.

That’s what the agencies are at their core — someone to help you filter very specifically.

And they charge a hell’uva fee for it, too.

More than anything, I’m a pretty normal guy who managed to build the life he really wanted at a young age, and I like writing, podcasting, and sharing it to give guys the options to do it themselves if they so wish.

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