GUN LOVERS DATING SITE Aims To Connect Second-Amendment Sweethearts

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A new dating site has its sights set on lovers – lovers of freedom, guns, and the Second Amendment Foundation. Right from the start you know you have something in common and it’s not just a belief in the Second Amendment, it includes an appreciation for freedom, independence, self-governance,   and a gratitude for the United States of America.

Pro-Gun Dating, which now says it has tens of thousands of users, “aims to connect like-minded patriotic Americans who cherish and believe in our Constitutional right to bear arms,” according to the site’s Facebook Page.

“In the wake of a renewed push to completely dismantle Americans’ gun rights through the destruction of the Second Amendment, ProGunDating.com fills a massive void. It’s a place where gun owners can meet, talk, and not feel like they’re forced to hide their love of firearms.”

It’s a feeling CEO Laura Clark said she experienced firsthand when she was ridiculed for posing with her AR-15 on other dating platforms.

“As a female gun-owner, I started this dating site to empower women,” Clark told Fox News. “I’m always packing, so I’ll never have to join the #MeToo movement. With a pro-gun dating community, there will be no issues for myself or the many like-minded women who join the site in the future.”

ProGunDating.com, a new dating site aims to connect lovers of the Second Amendment.

Clark said she can guarantee single conservatives won’t have to worry about “meeting an anti-gun liberal who lives in grandma’s basement and protests climate change on the weekends.”

Instead, “the site promises pro-gun singles a real shot” — pun probably intended — “at finding that special someone who has the same worldview.”

“If you’re ready to bite the bullet and take aim at finding your perfect pro-gun mate, head over to ProGunDating.com and let the hunt begin!” the site’s Facebook page says.”

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Where Conservative Americans Have A Voice!
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