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Singapore may have found its next most valuable export – its men. And the specific market? Japanese women.

That may explain why Singapore-Japan matchmaking agency Destini International Services (IS) is opening in Singapore, launching the day after Valentine’s Day on Feb 15. 

At first, we were curious if the specialised service is open to both males and females in both countries, but according to the first paragraph of the website:

“Destini IS selects your ideal partner through a series of comprehensive tests that uncovers not only the type of lady that might be compatible with you, but also your true self.”

According to the site, the agency is founded by a group of Japanese who have lived in Singapore for more than 10 years. 

The agency lures with promises of “comprehensive tests” to help clients find their other halves, offering support via personalised coaching sessions before and after a match. Once married, counselling sessions can even be extended for two years, free of charge. How’s that for service. 

We’ve reached out to enquire more details about their packages and the founders, but for now, what caught our eye on their YouTube channel are two videos which poll what Japanese women think about Singapore and Singaporean men. Of course, the reviews were glowing.

Opinions about Singapore and Singaporeans:
– Clean
– Rich
– Own a lot of cars (really?)
– Comfortable to live in
– Friendly

Opinions of Singaporean men in particular:
– Men are nicer than the women (again, really?)
– Kind and sincere
– Slim with nice bodies
– Cute smiles
– Nice manners
– They’re planners 
– Smart
– Masculine

According to one prospective wife of a Singaporean, local guys are also “very gentlemanly”.

We’ll leave you to debate the points above, but here’s another case for the Singapore man which we found in an interview from 2013:


Basically, what this Japanese woman loves most about her Singaporean husband is the freedom he gives her to speak her mind. “Sometimes I want to be honest (with a Japanese guy) but we can’t talk in a direct manner,” said Kazuko Nagano. “But (my husband) is always asking me ‘what you think, what you want’, so I can be honest and natural.”

Also, according to Kazuko, guys in Japan may also be “scared off” by women with strong characters.

All well and good, but then we’re left with one point to ponder in all this: Where does that leave the Singaporean female?

Watch this space for updates.




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