Exclusive dating site Beautifulpeople.com evicts 45,000 of its members for ‘letting themselves go’

THOUSANDS of people are being kicked off an exclusive dating site for “letting themselves go”.

People who have put on weight or lost their hair are just some of those being pushed off the BeautifulPeople.com dating site to ensure the “high standards” of the community are upheld.

The dating site promises that is it for ‘beautiful people only’

The cull saw all dating hopefuls have their photographs rated by others on the site looking for love, with those who received the most negative feedback no longer members.

Thousands failed to be voted back in and are therefore no longer members of BeautifulPeople.com.

Gaining weight, losing hair and failing to maintain high grooming standards were among the top reasons for eviction.

People are asked to rate fellow members of the site with those receiving the most negative feedback booted off

The site also cited failure to “age gracefully” as another reason for rejection.

UK members saw the second highest rates of eviction, with 11,345 kicked out, just behind the more than 12,000 US members no longer eligible to be members.

The site carries out a cull on members each year, but 2016 saw the largest number of people removed, with a record 45,000 being voted out.


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Greg Hodge, global MD of BeautifulPeople.com said: “We need to make sure that the high standards of the community are upheld, otherwise we risk alienating our entire exclusively beautiful member base.

“If people on the site let themselves go, then we need to let them go, our members demand as much.”

He said that the cull was a “necessary evil”.

He said: “Removing members for letting themselves go is the most difficult part of the business, it may seem harsh but it is a necessary evil.

“Our speciality, our niche, is beautiful people, and we need to maintain that standard.”

SWNS:South West News Service

Property developer Carolina Trower, 49, was one of the first British members to be voted onto the site in 2005

SWNS:South West News Service

Carolina said everyone in the community took care of themselves and were interested in health
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But while some have been kicked off the site, others have managed to keep their place since the site first started 12 years ago.

Property developer Carolina Trower, 49, was one of the first British members to be voted onto the site in 2005.

Still one of the most popular members, she said: “I was one of the first members to be voted onto the site in the UK.”

She said she met the love of her life through the site but he passed away in 2008 – leaving her shattered.

Speaking about the site, she said: “I don’t think the site is what makes us work our hardest to maintain the looks of our younger days, we’re all into eating healthily, exercising and making sure we don’t let ourselves go.”

BeautifulPeople.com has more than 850,000 members in over 100 countries.

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