Do you use dating apps like tinder and bumble?

Do you use dating apps like tinder and bumble?

What’s your opinion on it?

  • lol yeah fucking right.

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  • Nope. There’s no point of me using them since I have no desire to hook up and that’s what they’re really typically or generally for.

  • I get dozens of matches a day if I use all of my swipes. but I am deleting my account today on tinder because my last date tried to have sex with me, without consent, and without a condom. I am beyond done with online dating. Yeah fucking right, now using them anymore.

    • I’m sorry. What a fucking asshole.

    • It’s ok. Just cleared out my dating apps of any pics or info of me.

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  • I haven’t yet but I plan to soon. Still reeling after a painful divorce. I’m scared to death over having to make myself socially active again (though frankly I never was, I met her by sheer impossible luck, and I feel that’s not gonna happen again).

    So yeah, dating apps. Woo.

  • I use tinder, It’s a fun little thing to use. Most people are going for hookups, and people like me are just in it to make people laugh. If it evolves that’s great.

    But lower your expectations. A lot.

  • Never had luck. Would get five+ matches, then none. And none of them would respond. Deleted the app several times. Don’t like them.

  • No, I stopped… Too frustratin..

  • Yeah, but i never meet any interesting people

  • They aren’t any good.

  • I use it to hookup, and I really wish it was like it was back in the beginning, back before all the desperate people started using it to date. Takes so much longer to find hookups now

  • I think I get one match a week if I use all swipes everyday without looking. It’s pretty bullshit tbh.

  • I have tinder, but I am not really using it. It is not really working for me. I find most people annoying

  • Gag, Facebook.
    Business pages. xx

  • Bumble bee’s are cute.

  • I tried tinder. Wasn’t impress with it.

  • I did but nowadays people don’t want to have intellectual conversations or actually want to know me. Have an actual relationship. If you’re not dating to get married or be committed what’s the point.

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