Dating site ‘soldier’ stalker made up army hero past and made terrified mum-of-three’s life hell

FLICKING through a dating website, June Sinclair-Parker spotted a man in camouflage with a medal hanging from his lapel.

After her 16-year marriage ended, June was nervous about romance but when “Army veteran” Christopher Guy messaged her, he made her feel at ease and she trusted him.

June was nervous about new romance after her marriage collapsed, but when ‘army veteran’ Chris messaged her she was smitten

They began to date and Guy, 30, opened up about his years on the front line, describing how he was shot in the head and witnessed a friend being killed.

However, as the stories became more far-fetched June felt suspicious, and decided to cool the four month-long relationship.

But as she distanced herself from Guy, the fantasist bombarded her with sinister texts, nailed a sign to her home saying “I love you”, threatened the safety of her young family and faked a brain tumour.

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Chris opened up to her about his life on the front line – but as the stories became more and more far-fetched June began to smell a rat

She alerted the police and in July this year Guy, a windscreen technician who had never served in the Armed Forces, was convicted of harassment and given a two-year restraining order.

But June, 39, who has now moved house with her children Kieron, 13, and Leonie, six, to escape him says Guy should have been locked up.

The shaken mum, who also has an older daughter Sophie, 21, says: “I cannot believe he’s not been jailed.

“I fear for myself and for other women who meet this man.

I fear for myself and for other women who meet this man. He is a danger.

Newly single, June, from Leeds, joined the website Free Dating in November 2015.

She says: “After I left my husband I decided on a whim to sign up to the dating site.

“I just typed in a search engine and it came up.

“I came across Christopher’s profile and noticed he was a soldier.

“When you see someone in ­uniform you think they’re caring.

“I expected him to be genuine.”

After four weeks of chatting online, June agreed to meet him at a Starbucks in Leeds.

After Chris showed June pictures of himself on the battle field, she trusted him, expecting that a man in uniform could protect her

June says: “During that first date he told me he was a sergeant in the Army.

“He showed me pictures of himself in uniform on the battlefield.

“He said he had been discharged on medical grounds because of post-traumatic stress disorder and was awaiting a pay-out of £100,000.

“Everything he told me added up. I was smitten,” she said.

A month into their relationship, June noticed discrepancies on Guy’s Facebook profile.

She says: “He’d told me he was medically discharged six months before we met, but on Facebook it said he’d been working at Jet2 for two years.

“When I confronted him about it he just fudged the dates.

“I gave him the benefit of the doubt and over the next few weeks he started moving himself into my house.”

SWNS:South West News Service

June noticed discrepancies on Chris’s Facebook profile a month in – such as where he worked, and how long he had been in his job

But after hearing more of his war stories, June started to wonder if he was being honest.

She says: “Something just didn’t ring true.

“His stories seemed a bit far-fetched — his best friend had been shot and killed in front of him, and that he had been shot in the head and back and was lucky to be alive.

“When I confronted him, he threatened to take his own life.

“I felt sorry for him so took him back.

“Then his behaviour became more bizarre.”

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June’s ex pointed out how similar Chris’s story was to American Sniper, but he threatened suicide when she mentioned it

Guy attempted to keep June by faking a positive pregnancy test then proposing to her.

Unemployed June says: “I often suffered stomach cramps because I have fibromyalgia, a condition that can cause pain all over the body, but Chris was adamant I take a pregnancy test.

“Once I peed on the stick I just walked out of the bathroom because I knew I wasn’t pregnant.

“Then Chris showed me the test and declared we were having a baby.

“When I looked at the test it was clear he’d drawn two lines on it with a Biro.

“He started talking to my ‘bump’.

“I said, ‘You’re mad. You’re talking to my dinner.’

“The next day he proposed with a Haribo ring.

Chris showed me the test and declared we were having a baby. When I looked at the test it was clear he’d drawn two lines on it with a Biro.

June kicked Guy out of her home on February 13 after discovering that on top of the lies, he had been using her debit card without permission, leaving her overdrawn.

She says: “He became obsessed.

“He booked the register office for our wedding, told his mum I was pregnant and posted a picture on Facebook of him with a ring on, saying we were engaged.

“I started to get scared.

“He inundated me with sinister texts saying things like, ‘Till death do us part’.”

“He would turn up at my house unannounced.

“When I told him to leave and ignored his texts, he told me he had a brain tumour — all lies to make me feel sorry for him.

“I caught him one day up a ­ladder hammering a sign into the brick work of my house.

“He’d printed ‘I love you’ on individual pieces of paper and was hanging them beneath my bedroom window.

“Then I started to make enquiries to find out whether Christopher had ever even been in the Army.

“I ­discovered he hadn’t even completed basic training. I was stunned.”

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June contacted the police when Guy texted her implying her ex-husband and her children’s lives may be in danger.

She says: “One text he sent about my ex said, ‘He will be going away for a long time and we can be happy again’.

“I alerted the police and they arrested him.”

On July 12 Guy was given a two-year restraining order, fined £145 and handed a community rehabilitation and unpaid work order.

June says: “I cannot believe he’s not been jailed.

“All I wanted was a little bit of goodness in my life but I feel like that man is going to haunt me forever.

“I can’t believe I went online to meet a nice man and met an obsessed stalker.”



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