Dating site for ‘beautiful people’ has celebrity doubles

The chances of meeting a real-life A-list star, falling in love with them and living happily ever after are pretty slim…but that doesn’t mean you can’t almost achieve it. 

A dating site that lets beautiful people mingle in the same online arena has revealed it has ‘hundreds’ of daters who are a dead-ringer for celebrities. 

Fancy staring doe-eyed at a Ryan Gosling doppelganger? Or making merry with a very convincing Megan Fox? Then it’s entirely possible. 

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Megan Fox, right?  Actually, it’s Grace Loserro, who signed up to the dating website for aesthetically pleasing singletons

Will the real Megan please stand up? The Hollywood star remains a fantasy date for many

One of the site’s two Angelina Jolie lookalikes, Beaujana Raconic, left, who shares the same sultry green eyes as Hollywood A-lister Jolie 

The catch? You have to be considered beautiful enough in the first place to join, with other members of the site voting purely on looks.

Managing director of the site, Greg Hodge, says:  ‘We have 750,000 members worldwide, all of them beautiful.’ 

‘It is only natural that we have quite a lot of people that look like film stars and other celebrities.’

‘In the past, we have had great lookalikes as members – like Tom Cruise, Rihanna, Ryan Gosling and Megan Fox. 

‘As well as being a dating site, we are a networking community, where members have the potential to be discovered. We have model and casting agents who use the site to look for talent.’

Jeffery Ayars, an artist, is a Ryan Gosling lookalike looking for love. Right: the real La La Land actor

Right royal resemblance! Lukwesa Morin, from Washington DC, recently won a competition to be signed as a Meghan lookalike with the British celebrity spoof artist Alison Jackson. Right: Meghan and Harry at the Invictus Games earlier this year 

Olivia Peyech bares a striking resemblance to Rihanna, right, and is a member of BeautifulPeople.com, the dating site for the world’s most beautiful singles

How very Keira! Marie Badica was granted entry to the site because she looks like British star Keira Knightly

To join the site, applicants must supply recent photographs and a brief profile, then existing members vote them either in or out over a 48-hour period. 

Only 1 in 10 beautiful hopefuls are accepted and once you’ve got a foot through the virtual door, you’re free to mingle online and even attend exclusive parties and events.

According to the site, there are often dozens of people who look like celebrities, so if you don’t hit it off with one faux Angelina, you could try your luck with another green-eyed beauty.

Fans of Meghan Markle, set to marry Prince Harry next year, will be delighted to here that there’s already a Meghan looking for love.

Could it be…? Khalil Said, a 21-year-old law student is the spitting image of Keanu Reeves

Date your own superman! James Lucas, a nuclear engineer, 25, was granted access to the exclusive site because he looks like Henry Cavill

Erica Ferreira, a 43-year-old who works in marketing, endured a 48-hour voting period where members of the opposite sex decided whether they were attractive enough to join their gated community. Her resemblance to Halle Berry granted her access

Lukwesa Morin, 25, from Washington DC, recently won a lookalike competition launched by the site…but isn’t necessarily looking for a Prince Harry. 

Lukwesa told FEMAIL: ‘I get told weekly, from perfect strangers, that I look like Meghan Markle. 

‘Whenever I’m out random people will approach me and tell me that I look like “the girl from Suits” or “Prince Harry’s new fiancée”.



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