Dating Apps for Dummies – Bio Edition

Dating Apps for Dummies – Bio Edition

This is YOUR bio, so make it more about you than what you are or are not looking for in another person. That’s what their bio is for!

Do start your bio off with a catchy tag line about yourself. Create something unique, don’t use something you found online that everyone else is already using. I have lots of energy and I’m known amongst friends for never sleeping so in the past I’ve used “Can you keep up?”

Do include height in your bio, this goes for men and women. Providing info in your bio is a great way to avoid an awkward situation later on, in your conversation or even worse in person on your first date. In addition to height this is a good rule of thumb for age, if you have children, are a smoker, in an open relationship, anything to do with gender including reassignment or any other critical information.

Do connect or reference a social media account such as Instagram when possible. This gives us a glimpse into your life.

Do specify which hair style you currently rock in your bio if you have different hair styles, hair colors, or facial hair.

Do ask a friend to proof read your bio for grammar, typos and misspelled words.

The less is more concept doesn’t hold true here. Statistics show detailed profiles do better.

Do give status updates like “Coachella Weekend One ~ See You There” or “Vegas 7/6-7/9”. This will cut down on “location confusion” depending on which app you use.

Don’t lie about your age! If the app will not allow you to correct inaccurate age specify your correct age in the bio section. This goes especially for you, guys. It’s surprising how many men lie about their age.

Do share your interests in sports, cooking, concerts, skydiving, surfing, hiking, traveling, movies, clubbing, homebody, etc.

Try to focus on what you ARE looking for vs. what you ARE NOT looking for.

Be descriptive and unique, don’t just write what everyone else writes.

“6’3″ in heels”, yes it’s funny and shows you have a sense of humor but it has been used to death. Be original!

Use an emoji here or there and use them in moderation. Using emojis with no text to describe your interests is just lazy.

“No hookups!” I’m literally rolling my eyes just writing that one…leave it out.

When you write your bio, think about what info you’re curious to read about the other person. Guess what?!? That’s what hey want to read about too!

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