City folks just don’t get it! FarmersOnly.com slogan says it all for dating site aimed at sparking rural romance

City folks just don’t get it! FarmersOnly.com slogan says it all for dating site aimed at sparking rural romance

  • FarmersOnly.com debuted five years ago as a place where ‘farmers, ranchers and country folks’ can find love
  • The free dating site now boasts well over 100,000 users
  • Founder Jerry Miller says the site has created countless successful matches and friendships and hundreds of marriages across rural America

By Joshua Gardner

Hipsters have OKCupid, the devout have ChristianMingle and country folks can now seek out love on the oddly named but 100 percent real FarmersOnly.com.

The free dating site boasts an impressive 100,000-plus users nationwide and has a wildly popular commercial that has Americans from Biloxi to Bismark spewing the slogan ‘City folks just don’t get it’ every day.

‘I talked to farmers and ranchers all over the country and discovered they all had the same problems,’ revealed founder Jerry Miller. ‘They already knew everybody in their immediate areas.’

‘City folks just don’t get it’: Jeff Miller was in advertising for the agriculture industry when he founded FarmersOnly.com to help spark rural romance

To help spark that rural romance, the Miller started FarmersOnly.com all the way back in 2005.

Since then, the site he created for ‘farmers, ranchers and country folks’ has grown by leaps and bounds.

‘There have been countless successful matches and friendships made on the site,’ said Miller, who used his experience in marketing and in speaking with lovelorn countryfolk to help create it.

‘I get thank you emails and phone calls almost daily. In fact, there have been hundreds of marriages since FarmersOnly.com began.’

One strange selling point of FarmersOnly is its decidedly non-traditional commercial.

‘You don’t have to be lonely with FarmersOnly.com’: The simple, catchy jingle in the FarmersOnly commercial seems to be working–just ask Jeff, Judy and their John Deere tractor

Targeted messaging: FarmersOnly.com and its accompanying social media feeds are filled with ads like this one. And if you don’t see why, well, you ‘just don’t get it’

‘Where’s Jill,’ brays a talking horse with a twang.

‘She’s really lonely and out walking the cornfield again,’ replies a concerned farm dog.

The camera pans to forlorn Jill, who paces through the rows of crops she’s worked so hard to cull from the earth at the expense of her love life.

Elsewhere, some cud-chewing cows ponder their farmer’s chances at romance.

‘Do you think Dave will ever find his true love?’ asks one. ‘Not hanging out with us all day,’ answers another.

After a testimonial from an American Gothic cartoon, the site’s jingle plays.

American gothic: The site’s television commercial makes an emotional plea for lonely farm dwellers to put down the hoes and find true love

‘You don’t have to be lonely…at FarmersOnly.com’

If the message sounds crude, count yourself among the city folks who just don’t get it. Meanwhile, the commercial’s target audience is singing the site’s praises.

‘My friend was on there and told me about it and I thought it just narrowed it down to a type of person that I would like to spend my life with,’ said Elizabeth from Alabama. ‘It was the first dating website I ever tried and Artie was the first guy I ever talked to on the phone.’

Artie was an Ohio transplant living in Colorado. The two began talking more and more in 2012 and the calls eventually led to visits.

‘I feel it narrowed it down some. It’s an overwhelming experience and when you narrow it down to the type of person you are looking for it helps out a lot,’ Artie said.

Then, this past June, life-long Alabama gal Elizabeth packed her bags and flew off to Colorado to be with the love of her life.

‘We give random shout outs to FarmersOnly for making this all possible,’ said Artie. ‘Whenever the TV or radio is on and a commercial comes on, we stop what we are doing and yell out “FarmersOnly!” At first, people found it odd. But now they know…it’s important!’

Marital bliss: Happy couple Bill and Tracey found each other on FarmersOnly and were wed in January 2011

Spanning the gulf: Katie met Kevin on FarmersOnly and moved 1,000 miles to be with him. They married in July



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