Celebrities you may see on dating apps

In a never-ending dialogue about his personal life, Adam Rippon told Jess Cagle that he has tried it all. “I’ve tried Tinder and Grindr and everything. I’m only human.”
Laverne Cox met her new man the same way many of us have: Tinder. She revealed on “Access,” “Honestly, I’m a Tinder girl. When I broke up with my ex, I went back on Tinder, because I feel like if you want to date, you have to be on the apps. You have to be on the apps to be in the game.”
Hilary Duff went from a Tinder user to a Tinder spokesperson when she featured the app in her music video “Sparks” and went on different Tinder dates throughout the video.
Those looking for a master in the kitchen can potentially head to Match.com for a chance to date Martha Stewart. In 2013 she decided to date through the site — revealing the results on the “Today” show. “I’ve always been a big believer that technology, if used well, can enhance one’s life, so here I am, looking to enhance my dating life,” she said.
Chace Crawford told UK magazine Now that he’s flying under the radar when it comes to his online dating. He said he has “a bunch of different accounts that nobody even knows about.”
Before her latest reunion with Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry took to technology to find her next beau. She told “The Breakfast Club” on Power 105.1 that she had been “really deep on Tinder, so I don’t have a whole lot of time.”
Frankie Grande, the brother of Ariana Grande, is said to get saucy on the likes of apps like Grindr. So saucy, in fact, that racy pictures of him allegedly leaked after he sent them to another user.
Clay Aiken was spotted frequently by daters on the site OkCupid a few years ago. We don’t know if he’s still looking for matches online, but the former “American Idol” runner-up still seems to be single.
Eric Stonestreet is selective when it comes to love. He revealed to Howard Stern that he’s gone out with a few women LA that’d he’d met on Tinder. But none of them seemed to work out.
Fans found out Lindsay Lohan was on Tinder when she posted about finding a disturbing potential match … her brother.

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Andy Cohen told People that he likes the diversity of dating apps, saying, “I like it. It’s fun. You know, it’s to me: Where am I going to meet an architect who lives in Brooklyn besides Tinder at this point?” Andy may be off the apps though, as he told “Extra” that he’s still seeing his longtime boyfriend but it’s “day by day” and he “doesn’t like labels.” Sounds typical of someone from a dating app.
Chelsea Handler is an international swiper. She told “Entertainment Tonight,” “Oh, I’m on all those apps … I like to hook up, so when I go to London or New York or if I’m out of town and I want, I’ll do that. . . I’m on Tinder [and] all that stuff. I’m a regular person.”
Good ol’ Gronk had a whole different type of game on Tinder. Unfortunately, he had one big problem: “No one believed it was me!”
Michael Che may want to take a break from internet dating. He was blasted by prospective daters as being an “a-hole” who is disrespectful to women. However, but text messages sent to Page Six by Che told a different a story.



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