Safety Tips on the dating site

Not always dating sites can be so reliable. Many people are afraid of registering on such sorts of sites due to many reasons. Some of them do not like to share their personal details or contacts, some just do not believe that it is possible to meet a real love online while others do not […]

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There’s now a dating site for Trump supporters

Barrett “Brett” Riddleberger and Jodi Riddleberger  featured on TrumpDating.com (screenshot) Far-right supporters of Donald Trump now have their very own dating website to meet like minded singles. A new dating site promises conservatives that they will find a partner who wants to “Make America Great Again.” Trump.Dating caught national attention, not just for the political leaning, but […]

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That Dang Dating Website Awkwardness

Well, why the heck not… I’ve officially joined a dating website. I won’t tell you which one. I’ll only tell you that it rhymes with patch bot dom. Ever since my last relationship ended a couple months ago, I decided to go on a “woman fast.” No women, no dating, no romance. At least not […]

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