Apart from Dating Apps

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“American universities expensive dating apps”

If education can be outdated by graduation, the next generation must be life-long learners Photo: Innomag.noKarl Mehta, who was on stage at Innovation Day, believes the education system of the day is broken. Torill Henriksen Innomag.no “Before the students have finished four years at school, everything they have learned is already outdated,” said Karl Mehta, […]

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Mobile Dating Apps – Engagement and User Acquisition

Valentine’s Day is over, but the love in the air just beginning to show. Though you might associate February as the peak month for romance, the Liftoff proves that just isn’t so. According to the report, which analyzed user acquisition and app engagement data from some of a the leading online dating services from January […]

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Deleting dating apps is the best way to prove commitment in new relationships, according to experts

Thanks to the advent of dating apps, making a genuine commitment to just one person carries more meaning than ever before. With the likes of Tinder and Bumble providing comprehensive catalogues of singletons, it can be all too easy to be seduced back into the swiping sphere even once you’ve started dating someone. Relinquishing temptation […]

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