Bravo Star Kathryn C. Dennis on Dating, Dating Apps

All of the Superstitious Things Cameran Did to Induce Her Labor

Kathryn: Off Dating Thomas, On Dating Apps?

Is Chelsea Meissner a Loner?

Ashley Questions Her Own Intentions With Thomas

Cameran Calls Craig a ‘Half-Finished Bear’

Kathryn and Danni Open up About Their Unique Friendship

Cameran Didn’t Bond with Her Newborn Baby Right Away

Whitney Reveals What Cameran’s Breast Milk Tastes Like

How Did Cameran and Chelsea Meet?

What Kind of Guy Does Chelsea Want to Date?

Does Craig Have a Future in Pillows?

Is Craig the Best Liar Shep Has Ever Seen?

Should Kathryn Have Invited Ashley to Saint’s Birthday Party?

Craig Does Not See Himself as a Face…

Did Ashley Cross the Line With Kathryn in Hilton Head??

Why Did Ashley Pretend Nothing Happened After the Fight in Hilton Head?

Danni Has Never Reacted Like This in Her Life…

Were Austen and Chelsea Really Flirting on that Boat Ride?

Did Kathryn Show off Her Assets to Make Ashley Jealous?

What Sparked Ashley’s Blowup in Hilton Head?

The Charmers Reveal What They Think of Charleston’s Dating Scene

How Does Chelsea Feel About Always Having to Pay for Austen?

What’s the Real Story Behind Ashley and Kathryn’s Fight?

Who Is Patricia’s Mystery Man?

Have Shep and Whitney Had Any Pregnancy Scares?

Thomas Wants His Ladies to Look a Certain Way

What did Kathryn think about Patricia taking Ashley shopping?

Why Aren’t People Getting Married Anymore?

Was Shep Trying to Make Himself Look Good in Front of Chelsea?

Does Cameran’s Husband Jason Want to Clone Their Neighbors’ Dog?!

Does Austen Finally Have a Job Again?

Patricia’s Butler Michael Knows All of Charleston’s Secrets…

Would Peyton Have a One-Night Stand with Craig?

Did Naomie Discover Peyton’s Real Reason for Moving to Charleston?

Peyton Doesn’t Think the Charmers Are Very Charming

JD Shares His Thoughts On Being Confronted by Naomie

Cameran’s Intimate Moment With Michael

Naomie Hopes to Inspire ‘Girls Around the World to Track Their Significant Others’

Did Naomie Have Any Hope That Her and Craig Would Get Back Together?

What Do the Charmers Think of Peyton?

The Truth Behind Kathryn and Ashley’s Lunch



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