‘Black Mirror’ Creators Release New Dating Site that Reveals the Length of your Relationship

Leave it to Black Mirror to ruin relationships!

If you’ve seen season four of the acclaimed British series on Netflix then you’re familiar with the standout episode “Hang the DJ” and it’s dating app like contraption. Released by the creators of the series yesterday on Valentine’s Day, does exactly what the handheld Coach device does on the show, tells you how long your relationship with someone will last.

In the episode, singles are matched up with others and given an amount of time they have to stay together, before eventually being partnered with the one. That means that characters could be paired with the love of their life for a day, or someone they despise for years. Ironically, it was probably the most uplifting episode of the season.

The coach.dating website gives you a custom URL to share with your partner so the two of you can get the chance to find out your “expiry date”—the exact length of your relationship together. If that insane desire is something you and your partner both share, you must each click the site’s button on your computers at the same time.Unfortunately, if you don’t click in unison, things will take a pretty dark turn just like in the episode, and the site will start shaving years off of your relationship’s future.

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Sure, the whole site is just a cute tie-in to Netflix’s sci-fi series and can’t actually make an accurate prediction about your relationships, but it is a little bit unsettling to think about when applied to our actual reality. The release of the site comes shortly after the results of a poll were posted revealing which Black Mirror gadget people would like to use the most. Only 9% of people said they wanted to use Coach for their dating life, which is highly understandable considering the turmoil it caused the protagonists of “Hang the DJ.” Nonetheless, Coach made for an unexpectedly satisfying episode. We fans are totally fine with making a novelty of Coach, just along as we get a fifth season (hint, hint).

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