Be With Someone Who Won’t Play Any Dating Games With You

Be With Someone Who Won’t Play Any Dating Games With You

Whenever you met any new guys lately, most of these guys were pretty much the same.

All of these guys were players, or aspired to be players. Most of them pretended to be tough guys who had no or few emotions. They all presented themselves as bad boys who could seduce any woman.

During your dating experiences, you have had your share of boys sending you mixed signals.

You spent many nights waiting for a guy to call you as he told you he would.

You spent hours and hours trying to decode a ’s texts, words, looks and actions.

You spent nights and nights, waiting for a guy to respond to your text.

And it’s not that these men weren’t interested in you. In most cases, they were the ones to initiate communication. And they were the ones telling you the very next morning that they didn’t want to lose you, after they acted as if you never existed.

The point is that you actually never knew where you stood with any of these guys.

Some of them kept telling you and showing you how afraid of commitment they actually were.

Some only wanted to use you for sex or to boost their own ego.

Some led you on, trying to convince you they were looking for a real relationship, while their behavior and actions told you something completely different.

Some played hard to get and wanted you to chase them and for you to be the only one putting in all the effort and doing all the work so they could lie down and relax, without even lifting their little finger for your sake and for the sake of the relationship.

Some of these men and kept telling you they didn’t believe in exclusivity and that the only thing they were after was a casual fling, a sexual affair or some type of almost relationship with no strings attached.

Either way, all of these guys played different mind games with you.

All of them looked after their needs only and were trying to find a way to make themselves look and feel good, without ever taking your emotions into consideration.

All of them were selfish and it is obvious that none of these guys ever loved you. And even if they did, none of them expressed their true feelings and emotions. You don’t know if they behaved in this manner because they were afraid you would hurt them, because they really felt nothing for you or because it has simply become a standard connected with modern dating.

But at the same time, these guys wanted your love and they acted offended if you didn’t give them everything they expected.

You may think that these men were mysterious and that there was something more to them.

But let me tell you that none of it is true. Let me tell you that all of these guys were simply too immature to handle a real woman and to handle a real, adult relationship.

And this is not the type of man you want by your side.

You don’t need someone playing dating games with you, you don’t need someone messing with your head and you don’t need a boy who doesn’t know what he wants.

Instead, you need a who will always be clear about his desires, who will always know what he wants and who won’t be afraid to take it.

You need a man who won’t be scared to confront his emotions and who won’t have any trouble expressing them to you.

You need a man who will have the guts to tell you his plans and goals regarding you and everything else in his life.

You need a man who won’t be sending you mixed signals just to keep you around, while he actually doesn’t care for you.

You need a man who won’t find playing mind games interesting, despite the fact that it has become a dating standard.

Because this man will never be molded by someone else. He will never try to fit society standards if it means losing himself in the process.

Instead, he will always love you and respect you the way you deserve.

And most importantly, he will always be honest and you’ll always know where you stand with him.

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