As the first British inmate signs up… we reveal the lags’ dating site where prisoners can look for love

WE’RE all guilty of logging onto dating apps and websites – but now, it’s been revealed PRISONERS are looking for love online too.

Inmate Connection, a website based in the United States, allows prisoners to advertise themselves – as well as their crimes – on the web in an attempt to find friendship, and if they’re lucky, a romantic relationship.

The website charges $40 a year for a profile on the site, which includes a picture and details of the inmates’ crime

With 109,844 average monthly visitors, the site has amassed a worldwide appeal – even posting the profile of its only British inmate.

And it’s not just male prisoners who are looking for love and companionship – as the site hosts the profiles of nine women, too.

Gregory Dike, pictured, is the only British inmate on the site

For a fee of $40 (£31) a year for US inmates, or £20 for prisoners in the UK, friends and families of inmates can send them an application to fill in, which is then posted back to be put up online.

The form doesn’t hold back in asking for all the details – demanding information on convictions, prison locations and, perhaps crucially, release dates.

Lags are also encouraged to send a photo – with the site promising ads with photos will “definitely get attention”.

Underneath the all-important photograph, prisoners get 200 words to sell themselves to potential admirers – with many describing their physical appearance, before revealing their hobbies, and some even writing poems in an attempt to woo a lady.

One such poem features on the profile of Jacob Adams – a 26-year-old convicted of armed robbery at Dorsey Run Correctional Facility in Maryland.

He simply writes: “If you’re sexy and you know it, write to me.

Amber Bright is one of nine women who have an Inmate Connection profile

“If you’re sexy and you know it, write to me.

“If you’re sexy and you know it,

“And you really want to show it,

“If you’re sexy and you know it, write to me.”

Meanwhile, some inmates are even more to the point, such as Sandy Frank, at Iowa Correctional Facility for Women, who writes: “I hope you will want to get to know me as a person and not pass on me once you read that I’ve been in here for almost 40 years for murder.”

Angela Miller, who has been behind bars for 22 years, is one of many users looking for friendship on the site

The websites’ owners say the site is “designed to connect prisoners with the outside world”.

They write: “Our mission is to attract sincere pen pals who can bring love, friendship and happiness to the lives of lonely inmates who are locked away from society and who have lost contact with the outside world.

“It is commonly known that most prisoners lose contact with their friends, relatives and family members after spending 3 years or more in prison.

Rodney Allen is another international inmate, this time from Canada
Bank robber serving 11 years for armed raids has joined lags’ dating site

“With the loss of contact with the outer world, prisoners often feel like they have lost all their independence, confidence, personality, self-esteem and pride.

“However, pen pals can write a letter or send a card to boost their morale in unimaginable ways.”

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