Are dating apps all about looks? What are alternatives to dating apps?

Are dating apps all about looks? What are alternatives to dating apps?

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  • The selection process is all about looks, obviously. Not much different than when you’re at a party, looking around and picking someone who you want to approach.

  • People tend to judge others based on the appearance especially when it comes to dating applications

  • If you’re funny or interesting. its a huge plus

    • “Something you don’t have”
      … Is that a riddle?
      Oooh, I’m so excited!

    • What if you’re only funny or interesting to start with?

    • Let’s be honest everyone cares about looks that’s the first thing anyone know about you. If you average looking but have other good qualities you are already on top.

  • Mostly yeah. The alternative is real life

  • They are not about the soul

  • Dating apps are not all about looks they are about GOOD PHOTOS. 75% of clients who come to me think this sort of nonsense. Once we get them to a professional photographer they soon realize.. oh yeah.. I guess my photos DO SUCK. Now they start getting matches and dates and think hmmmm maybe just maybe it’s more about SHOWING A GENUINE INTEREST in finding someone than spending 15 minutes throwing up a crappy profile just so you can say.. YEAH ONLINE DATING IS ALL ABOUT LOOKS. AY YI YI

  • I all but gave up on dating sites. Social media is much more effective. I found that Facebook is a much better way to get to know someone before taking it to the next step.

    A dating site gives pictures and few paragraphs about the person selling themselves to the world.

    Social media gives you the opportunity to read things they posted through time. Many parts of who they really are come out from this.

  • It’s based on your picture and the way you can describe yourself in words. The bad part is you can’t use your in person personality to have any influence. Online dating is like people trying to pick their favorite ingredients for a cake but they haven’t actually tasted what it would be like. In person is the alternative.

  • Yes, just look at Tinder. You swipe left or right depending on the person’s profile picture. Most won’t bother to look at their actual profile (at least not before swiping right).

  • Dating period is mostly about looks. When you see someone really attractive they have zero issues getting basically anyone they want.

  • Dating apps are mostly about quick hookups so they are mostly about looks.

  • The alternative would be going to a bar. Meeting someone there

  • Chances are if it’s a dating app it’s just going to be a one night stand

  • Yes. In person but it’s not much better. But it IS better..

  • Try reality. That’s a good alternative.

  • you could try going outside 😉

  • The only thing that matters is how tall you are

  • Dating apps are only dating apps for women.

  • Appearance is a human most valued trait.

  • The are hey but I met my girl on Tinder

  • Dating apps are all about looks

  • It’s all about how much money you show in your profile pics.

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