A dating website for Trump supporters leaked its customers’ data ON DAY ONE

Child goes through X-ray baggage scanner

A child reportedly rode through an X-ray baggage scanner last week at the Xiaolan Railway Station in South China. According to the state-owned China Global Television Network, the young’n snuck away from his father and hopped onto the conveyor belt. Apparently he is fine. As you’ll recall, earlier this year a woman in Dongguan, China […]

Undetectably bypass voting machines’ anti-tamper mechanism with a bit of a soda-can

When security researchers report on the ghastly defects in voting machines, the officials who bought these machines say dismiss their concerns by saying that the tamper-evident seals they put around the machines prevent bad guys from gaining access to their internals.

Insecure medical implant company Medtronic finally plugs one of its worst vulnerabilities

Medtronic (previously) is a notoriously insecure medical implant manufacturer whose devices have been repeatedly shown to be grossly insecure — their pacemakers can be hacked before leaving the factory!

Anyone can speed read. Learn how now and save precious time.

Speed reading isn’t just an innate skill possessed by a lucky few. Anyone can learn to speed read, and the benefits are endless. The brain can process more information than most people have time to soak up, but you can make that time now with the 2018 Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle. The first half of […]

Amp up and streamline your next presentation with Slideshop

Sure, you could use the same old PowerPoint templates for your next business presentation. It’s not like you have bosses or investors to impress. Oh wait, you do? Time to augment that slideshow with Slideshop – the presentation tool that can individualize your pitch while saving you time. Compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides, […]

Learn Six Sigma and study for project management certification online

Multinational companies have used the no-nonsense methodologies of Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma to oil a smooth-running operation for years. What is it? Six Sigma (and its offshoot, Lean Six Sigma) apply the principles of science to business, teaching managers to methodically target waste, maximize output and streamline the flow from producer to consumer. […]

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