7 ways to get more right swipes on Tinder and other dating apps (for men)

It’s not unusual to meet highly frustrated men on Tinder. They complain about how they barely get any matches and how no woman responds to their messages. These men then go on to blame everything on the skewed sex ratio in dating apps and then lament that they’re probably not attractive enough.

However, instead of blaming dating apps or passing misogynistic comments on how superficial women are, most men fail to realize that their profile is just not good enough to stand out from the others. By making a few tweaks to your profile and putting in some extra effort, I can guarantee that you’ll get more matches and messages than before. These are the seven things you need to keep in mind while revamping your profile on Tinder, Truly Madly or any other dating app out there.

1. Fill in your bio or ‘about me’ section. Yes, your pictures are important in your dating profile but that doesn’t mean women don’t bother reading your about me section. You need not write a 500 words essay but a writing a few sentences about yourself will go a long way in meeting like-minded women.

2. Don’t be afraid to smile in your pics. A headshot or picture taken from your waist up is the best way to gain more right swipes. Flash your pearly whites and keep your pictures simple. Posing with a drugged tiger or blurry images of you skydiving are not as impressive as you think. Here’s how to select the right pictures for your Tinder profile.

3. Have a conversation starter in your bio. Once you have filled out your bio that summarizes your interests and who you are in two to three sentences, end your introduction with a question. If you’re not too good with a short introduction, a witty and sarcastic bio will also help in getting you twice as many messages. However, avoid copy pasting stuff from a blog or website. Everyone uses Google. Be original and avoid quotes.

4. Avoid using clichéd phrases and overused words in your profile. Words like sapiosexual, traveler, dreamer and explorer are on every other profile. Don’t describe yourself as easy going and laidback either. You will just end up sounding like 100+ other guys on dating apps! These are the types of guys you meet on Tinder in India.

5. Don’t shy away from being slightly self-deprecating or writing about an imperfection. If you’re struggling to think of something witty to write, even something about how much you hate dancing or clubbing could be amusing and a good conversation starter.

6. Be genuine. I can’t stress enough on this point. Everyone is trying to hard to come across as a world traveler who loves intelligent conversations. Be yourself unabashedly and see how much women will appreciate your authenticity. Here are ways to spot a fake profile on Tinder and other dating apps.

7. Keep your first message short and polite. Being cocky or condescending won’t land you a date. Even if you’re only looking for a hook-up, make an effort to start an interesting conversation and don’t come on too strong in the first few messages. Needless to say, sleazy messages will get you unmatched instantly on Tinder.

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Published: November 3, 2016 10:56 am



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