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A DM Is Not The Best Way To Slide Into Someone’s Heart, Trust Me, I Would Know

Save your pickup lines to use on someone in person.

It goes down in the DM. DMs (direct messages) have been around for years ever since IM services first came into being. Instant messaging is a great tool that can come in handy when you want to do business, arrange a meeting, chat with your friends, etc. But, lately, the service has taken to social media through the four most popular forms of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

I will admit that I have done my fair share of DM slides. Some have succeeded. Some have failed.

Whether I was looking to get a girl’s number, take someone out on a date, etc. the DMs have been my battleground to try and battle my way into a woman’s heart.

And, the good thing about a DM slide is that the worst thing that can happen is you get rejected or the recipient of the DM slide just doesn’t respond. Your pride might sting for a bit but you get over it.

Lately, I’ve noticed a trend. The girls that I’ve taken out/dated because I did a slide into their DMs didn’t last very long. If it did turn into a relationship, then it wouldn’t last longer than a month. Now, I’m not the smartest man when it comes to relationships but there’s clearly a trend here, right?

Therefore, it is in my professional opinion as a DM slider that a DM is not the way to a woman’s heart.

It might work for a while or if you’re just looking for a short fling, but, ultimately, the DM is not meant to look for love.

This is the same with dating apps, too. I’ve had a Tinder. I’ll admit it. I’ve swiped right and left and avoided the super like button (never understood that mechanic). Dating apps use DMs as the primary form of communication if you match with someone. Again, the DM is not your friend if you’re looking for something serious.

Now, I’m not saying it isn’t possible to find true love on a dating app or on social media but the chances of that actually happening are VERY slim.

So, in conclusion, if you’re looking for something real, just be patient! The right person will come along eventually! I believe with every fiber of my being that my Mrs. Right is somewhere out there and every day is one day closer to me meeting her. But, the thing is, when I do meet her, it will not go down in the DM.



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